Hello, welcome to my little world!


I am Huỳnh Faceting ( Full name in Vietnamese: Đặng Trúc Huỳnh).

Mình là Huỳnh, Huỳnh Faceting là tiệm gia công đá quý cho trang sức của Huỳnh. Huỳnh thích màu tím, yêu hoà bình và ghét chiến tranh. Hiện tại thì Huỳnh đang chế tác đá quý tại Sài Gòn.

Huỳnh Faceting is my little world of faceted gemstones for jewelry making, my Personal Brand where is driven by passion. I've been cutting and polishing color gemstones in Ho Chi Minh city, known as old name Saigon; and at this website I show off my gemstones cut by me.


At Huỳnh Faceting, I believe that every gemstone is absolutely a special unique one, like you and just like everyone else out there. I do try the best and I’ll have been learning to improve my skills time to time, so I wish you will love & enjoy our faceted gemstones for jewelry making from Huỳnh Faceting.


For Jewelry Making:

Every faceted gemstone you buy in Huỳnh Faceting Store, text me to see what jewelry can be made with yours. Whether you like rings, pendants or bracelet, I can make it for you.


For Faceted Gemstones:

I attempt to accurately represent and describe faceted gemstones and rough as to appearance, size, origin and fully disclose any known treatments in its description. 


The color of gemstone depends on the light source: indoor in bulbs light, outside under daylight, … Plus, you view the images on a different monitor with different screen resolution, the color is a little different. The color in real may be lighter or darker than on screen, I will state carefully in every gemstone’s description.


Thank you so much,

From Ms. Huỳnh Faceting with love,



H U Ỳ N H   F A C E T I N G

Saigon Gemstone for Jewelry Making


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